Brown Scapular – Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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    Our Lady of Mount Carmel Brown Scapular 

    Our Lady of Mount Carmel brown wool scapular.

    Scapular Specs: 

    • It is made with 100% wool and is washable.
    • These scapulars are not blessed.
    • Made in America
    • Wool is 1.5×2″ roughly 20″ long

    Garment’ Gift of Love

    “The Scapular is a miniature habit of the order,” explained Carmelite Father Justin Francis Cinnante at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel ( This mini-habit has the same privileges Mary gave the order. “It’s a tangible symbol and sacramental of the deeper reality of Mary clothing and protecting us with her own mantle,” he noted. “It’s a sign of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and that Mary will assure the salvation of those devoted to her.”

    He also said how said, “many times we’re protected from the Evil One through the scapular.”

    “The Scapular is such a symbol to the people of Mary’s guidance and protection,” said Former Carmelite Prior General Father John Malley some years ago. “It’s something so concrete a child can put on.”

    But in this country is the practice slipping? It seems so. Children were enrolled in the Brown Scapular across the country not too many decades ago.

    “The very fact of a Scapular around one’s neck is a reminder Mary is present with us,” explained Father Malley. “That constant visible sign is a reminder 24 hours a day that Mary is present in the Church and she’s surely with us.”

    The whole custom of wearing a brown Scapular brings us closer to devotion to Christ because Mary is the model to follow in living a life in allegiance to Christ. It should start early, of course.

    Read more on the promises of the Brown Scapular here.

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