CRUSADE Channel November Crowdfunding


CRUSADE Channel November Crowdfunding

    Mandeville, LA  –  Our need to raise $$$ to insure The CRUSADE Channel’s growth continues in 2021 as does the need to retire the debt incurred to launch the site and the Veritas Radio Network; please join the CRUSADE Channel’s Radio Revolution and donate what you can. We have been blessed to add 2 NEW SHOWS this past quarter:

    The Kennedy Profession – Weekdays 3-6pm eastern

    The Early Show with Fiorella Nash – weekday mornings 6-7am eastern

    This gives the CRUSADE Channel Radio Station a 1 of a kind, world class, very diverse, international, LIVE! lineup of all-original Talk radio programming from sunup to sundown. No one else even comes close! With this growth in programming comes an ENORMOUS investment in equipment and labor costs. This page will be updated with crowdfunding drives every month now and we appreciate your continuing generosity to help fill this gap and keep the CRUSADE going and growing!

    CORONADOOM™ FUNDING EFFORT – The CoronaVirus mass hysteria event has had an impact on the Founders Tradin’ Post just like it has the now unemployed 30 million folks who did nothing wrong, to say nothing of the 10 million or so who lost EVERYTHING they ever worked for in their mom-and-pop small business’s, other than put trust in our government and its disease prevention factories. If you are able, please consider a contribution to our January crowd-funding effort.

    We are keeping all the faithful in our daily Rosaries, fasting & almsgiving. God bless and Mary keep you!

    It is very expensive to produce LIVE! radio 24 hours a day and the cost in labor and stress is equally taxing. Question: What other radio station in the world promised and then delivered wall to wall coverage of the 2020 Elections From Campaigns events to Election Night through the entire coverup and fraud discovery debacle? Answer: The CRUSADE Channel. Mike Church alone, put in an extra 8-12 hours per DAY to provide YOU with the best analysis and commentary of this historic event, to say nothing of Maggie O’Connell and Richard Barrett’s OVERTIME work. We did this work because it was the right thing to do and because we believe in LIVE News-Talk Radio!

    While we were dedicating all of this time to coverage we took our eye off the fundraising ball putting us nearly $20k behind last years Quarter 3 fundraising. PLEASE consider supporting our efforts TODAY and ensuring that THROUGH the 2021 “transition” you can rely on The CRUSADE Channel for the BEST, LIVE! coverage anywhere in the U.S.A.!

    As Wisdom Wednesday co-host David Simpson said of the need to support this effort:

    As you know, Mike was released from Sirius/XM after over a decade of faithful service.  I believe this was done because of Mike’s relentless search for truth.  I am sure you agree…whether or not you agree with his findings!  And because you respect freedom, I am sure that you would say that the journalistic world needs more men like Mike Church, not fewer! But instead of cursing the darkness, Mike has lit a candle.  He is starting his own network and will continue to broadcast his daily show…hopefully to an ever-expanding audience.  That is where you come in. Mike needs your help in expanding the listener base so that his message, the message of freedom, continues to be available to the American public. Again, if only ONE person responds to our fundraising efforts, you have effectively doubled Mike’s patron base.

    Please pray for Mike and this latest effort.  With God’s help and yours, how can it fail?

    David Simpson

    The CRUSADE Channel is a staple in many of your daily lives, our January crowd-funding goal needs to be funded to help acquire a few equipment upgrades and assist in acquiring new programming! If you are able to, please join this effort-the results will be worth it to all! Please donate what you are able and may God bless you and Mary keep you. – Mike Church


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