The Spirit of ’76 – The Story Continues-The Founding Fathers Debate the 2nd Amendment

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The Spirit of ’76 – The Story Continues-The Founding Fathers Debate the 2nd Amendment

Now, you can sample a FREE TRACK from “The Spirit of 76-The Story Continues”! ENjoy this FREE, 10 minute long, sneak peek behind Mike Church’s epic telling of the originas & meaning of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Preview: Patrick Henry pours cold water on the Constitution as it was originally written by the Founding Fathers

Preview: Patrick Henry warns Founding Fathers of ratifying the Constitution without a “militia” amendment

Preview: George Mason tells Mike’s daughter, Madison,  what happens with standing armies

Mandeville, LA – The greatest story never told about the Founding Fathers gets an extension! It is June of 1788, Patrick Henry, George Mason and other VA patriots are heroically trying to stop ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Why? Because they believe the new government will seize more power than it is allotted including the most dangerous power of all: fielding a standing army. Henry’s efforts help guarantee that a Bill of Rights must be written to protect the States’ militias from being disbanded by Congress. Writer-Narrator-Director Mike Church takes us back to 1788 and VA’s ratification to tell the “rest of the story” he could not when “The Spirit of ’76” was released in 2009. Find out the story behind the 2nd Amendment!

“The Spirit of ‘76-The Story Continues” Contains

•  Stereo  – 114 minutes

•  Never before released recordings!!

•  55 Minutes of new tracks including:  “Militias are Good & They Are Good For You Too – Part I & II”

•  Including: Edmund Pendleton Steals Henry’s Thunder – Day 1 of the VA Ratifying Convention 11:38 seconds

•  Interview with Mike Church “The Making of ’Spirit of ‘76” – Never before released on CD

• The Theme Music for “The Spirit of ’76” – Never before released

•  Digitally Mixed & Mastered

Track listing

1. Edmund Pendleton Steals Henry’s Thunder – NEW

2. Militias Are Good & They Are Good For You Too – Pt I – NEW

3. Militias Are Good & They Are Good For You Too – Pt II – NEW

4. Spirit of ’76 Main Title Theme

5. Mike Church Interview- Making  of The Spirit of ’76

6. A Suitable Ending-Outtake



The Spirit of ’76 – The Story Continues

This is a wonderful gift for any collector of history.  There are ONLY 100 copies signed and numbered by the writer and director Mike Church.   Gets yours while they last!


The NEW “Spirit of ’76 – The Story  Continues” has a section on militias so what better to company this audio set than….I’m The Minuteman, Militia Membe[r] Your Gun-Banning Liberal Friends Warn You About t-shirt is the SHIRT for you!

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