The Importance of Gentlemen, Cigars and Whisky: Dinner With Mike Church And Joseph Pearce

Mandeville, LA – An unbelievable opportunity to spend an unforgettable night: Enjoy dinner and private conversation with world renowned author Joseph Pearce and nationally syndicated radio host Mike Church.

• Opening talk by Mike Church: “The Importance of Gentlemen, Cigars and Whisky”

• Four course authentic Italian dinner (family style)

• Joseph Pearce: “Tolkkein, Chesterton and the Joy of The Pub”.

• The finest, fine Cigars supplied for sale by the Twin Smoke Shop.

The Programme:

Cocktails – 06:00 p.m. CASH BAR
07:00 – Opening remarks-Mike Church
07:30 – Dinner service
08:00 – Cigarnote remarks-Joseph PEarce
08:30 – Book signing, Cash bar, Distributist’s fellowship.

We will have stock at the dinner of all Joseph Pearce and Mike Church books we carry here at the FTP!


Lessons From History: A Look at the English Reformation By John Horvat II

Lessons From History: A  Look at the English Reformation

By: John Horvat II

A true student of history learns from the lessons of the past, to understand the present and chart a course for the future. To grasp the present crisis inside the Church, a look at past episodes in history is essential.

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There are many lessons to be found in the timely appearance of a 1954 book reprint titled The English Reformation by Fr. Gerard Culkin. Like so many other precious pearls, this small volume would have remained hidden from the public. However, editor Mike Church took the book, corrected text, added details to footnotes, provided drawings and painstakingly reproduced the work for today’s reader.

The merit of the work is that it is a short yet gripping account of this turbulent period of English Catholic Church history. The reader follows the process of England’s break with Rome and entry into heresy. The narrative has familiar parts that reflect fallen human nature. It also has heroic episodes in which martyrs defied the spirit of the times and entered into history.

There are excellent lessons that can be learned from a quick reading of this 150-page work. The first is that “reformation” is rarely reformation; it is merely the excuse for revolution. Revolutionaries almost always use real problems that need reform, however they have no desire to see these problems resolved, but use the turmoil to advance their own purposes. Additionally, although the initial motives of “reformation” usually involve power and greed, they quickly degenerate into a revolt against the established order. The lives of those who benefit from these revolts, such as Henry VIII, Cromwell and Cranmer, usually end badly.

Finally, there is an encouraging lesson from this tragic tale. The reader is heartened to see that God does not abandon His Church. When it seemed the Reformation had triumphed, the author shows how God raised up courageous priests and laymen to keep the Church alive and add to the glory of the martyrs. The inspiring stories of Father Edmund Campion or Saint Margaret of Clitherow are examples of martyrs who defeated the determination of the Church’s enemies to destroy all vestiges of the Catholic religion in England. Their example inspired others to hold on to the Faith.

There are many other lessons in this short book that serve to teach and edify today’s Catholics. Editor Mike Church is to be commended for bringing this jewel back from obscurity.

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Why This Little Book on Humility Is So Great – Review by John Horvat

Why This Little Book on Humility Is So Great
By John Horvat II

In reproducing Herbert Cardinal Vaughan’s excellent translation of this spiritual classic, editor Michael Augustine Church has rendered a great service to Catholics everywhere.

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Book marketing consists of finding the target audience of those who are looking for the subjects discussed inside a given book. Often this involves narrowing down the field so that the maximum amount of effort and resources can be applied to the targeted group interested in the subject. It is all part of Book Marketing 101.

The book Humility of Heart by Fr. Gaetano Maria de Bergamo, is a privileged book from this marketing perspective. This treatise on humility appeals to a broad audience. The humble know themselves well and thus will always see in this book excellent advice on how to avoid the dangers of falling into sin through pride. Those who say they do not need this book show themselves proud and thus would profit from its message of how to be humble. Thus, the target audience of this book is all humanity. No one escapes.

The marketability is further enhanced by the timelessness of the message. Indeed, the author is an eighteenth century Capuchin friar. Its message addresses the problem of man’s unchanging fallen nature. There is no period in human history when its message has not or will not resonate. Moreover, the theme of humility especially applies to present times that are plagued by insupportable pride and defiant independence from God.

In reproducing Herbert Cardinal Vaughan’s excellent translation of this spiritual classic, editor Michael Augustine Church has rendered a great service to Catholics everywhere. Reprinted in 2015, his painstaking review of the text includes a new index and updated reference materials. In addition, Mr. Church found 59 pages of the original text that have never been translated into English.

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