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  • Founding of America

    The Founding of America Audio Docudrama Trilogy Set

    $79.95 $79.95
    The Fame of Our Fathers tells the true, exciting stories of the events that led to the federal convention of 1787 and the men who put their stamp on history and earned lasting fame. Many Americans are inspired by the Founders but we never bother to ask: who inspired the Founders. The Fame of Our Fathers answers that question and many more.

    • Was the Constitution the result of a miracle or a well executed plan? • Were the men we admire as Founders the ultimate, selfless public servants or did they have other motives for their deeds? • James Madison gets credited as the “Father of The Constitution” but is George Washington more deserving of the title? • Why did many patriots like Patrick Henry oppose writing a new Constitution and instead favored amending the Articles of Confederation?

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