Deliver Us From Evil Tapes-S1 E1 “Horror Has A Name” Amityville Pt 1

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    Madeville, LA – The Deliver Us From Evil Tapes-The Series picks up where the four part interview series left off. Demonologist Ralph Sarchie and host Mike Church delve into the world of the supernatural like you’ve never heard before.

    Sarchie and Church explore famous cases of demon infestation including The Amityville Horror and Sarchie’s own 15 year long career in demonology. Always pursuing each case from the view that angels and demons are real and the best protection from the latter is the Christian Faith, Srachie and Church shine new, much needed light on each case. Creepy, thrilling and inspiring, the D U F E series is an old school radio serial that will leave you panting for the next episode.

    EPISODE 1, Season 1 of Ralph Sarchie & Mike Church’s The Deliver Us From Evil Tapes-The Series.

    Amityville Horror Part 1 of 4. This Episode: “Horror Has A Name”

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