Go to Saint Joseph by Dr. Brian Kiczek

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“Go to Saint Joseph”  Do Whatever He Tells You 

by Dr. Brian Kiczek

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“I wish I could persuade everyone to be devoted to this glorious saint, for I have great experience of the blessings which he can obtain from God”
~St. Teresa of Avila


Book Description:  Saint Joseph is such a powerful intercessor. After the Virgin Mary, there is no other saint more powerful and closer to God. Through this book, you will get to know better the life of St. Joseph and read about his powerful intercession, especially St.Joseph’s best friend, Saint Andre Bessette. This book will also strengthen your love and devotion to him. Whenever I need something, I always turn to St. Joseph for his intercession and he always helps me. Go to St. Joseph and trust that your prayers will be heard.-Esmeralda Kiczek (Chief Editor of My Catholic Family Magazine)

I had the pleasure of reading “Go to St. Joseph” by Dr. Brian Kiczek. The book is a beautiful compilation of his personal devotion to St. Joseph, a history of the growing devotion to this great patriarch of the Catholic Church, stories of saints devoted to the Saint and powerful prayers. Dr. Kiczek’s writing is straightforward and easy to follow. He does an excellent job of drawing the reader forward throughout his book. As a husband, father and grandfather I suggest this book as a great personal read to deepen our devotion to the great Saint and His foster Son, Jesus. Thank you, Brian for your love of St. Joseph, The Blessed Mother and Jesus. God is good.-Jay Toups (author of The Cajun Storm and The Storm)

“Go to Saint Joseph: Do whatever he tells you” is a devotional book with numerous stories about the miraculous interventions of Saint Joseph and the story of his life as told by the mystics. Powerful prayers to Saint Joseph are given for the reader to use, together with guidance about the Love of Holy Poverty and Holy Purity. Having difficulties with work or marriage? Saint Joseph’s powerful intercession and example will change your situation before you know it.

“You have to be patient with these carpenters: they tell you they’ll have a piece of furniture finished in a couple of weeks and it ends up taking a month even. But they get the job done and they do it well! You just need to be patient…”~Pope Francis on Saint Joseph

“I do not remember even now that I have ever asked anything of him which he has failed to grant…in Heaven, Jesus still does all that he asks”~St. Teresa of Avila on Saint Joseph

“Saint Joseph is right next to you listening to your prayers and always ready to present them before the throne of His Son and to His Beloved Wife”~Saint Andre Bessette

I can’t stress enough just how important this book is to the Catholics worldwide especially for Men.-Joe Sales

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