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NEW Crusade Channel Textured Swords Logo Window Sticker

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    Crusade Channel Window Sticker

    This small window sticker is perfect for the listener that wants to represent the Crusade Channel but doesn’t want a MASSIVE sticker on their vehicle. This is a great addition to the Founders Tradin Post collection of bumper stickers. Put this sticker on your car, laptop, gun safe, tool box to show your support for the only all original talk radio show that is dedicated to the good, true and beautiful!

    Sticker Size: 4.7″ x 3.25″

    (NOTE: if you are just buying stickers and want Maggie O’Connell to snail mail, USPS, them to you at a very reduced media mail rate, simply shoot her an email and we can either refund the shipping cost or we can take the order over the phone)

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    The Crusade Channel, a place those who accept the REALITY that Truth is higher than opinion and are willing to speak it with clarity, courage and charity.  We intend to seek the Truth, every broadcast hour of every day and bring it to you as best as we are able in this fallen world.

    Did you know that the Mike Church Show studios in Mandeville, LA, broadcast both the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM and Founders TV? Did you know that these studios are independent and responsible for their own expenses & maintenance? You can support Mike Church in his never-ending efforts to bring you the best media covering history, the Constitution, issues of Faith and Morality and continuing education. Enter the amount you wish to contribute in the first box below and your comments (if any) in the second box.

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