Our Lady of Consolation Prayer Card

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Set of 3 Prayer Cards


    Our Lady of Consolation in Lezajsk Prayer Card

    4×6 prayer card w/ pop out bottom for display

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    O Glorious Lady of Lezajsk,

    To you we render our humble thanks that in union with St Joseph, Your Bridegroom, You have sanctified this place with Your gentle touch and remain here in the sign of Your miraculous image, to be with us in all the affairs of our daily life. O Mother of Consolation help us to defend the dignity of every human person, their life and love, within ourselves and within our families. O Gracious Mother, support us in fulfilling our mission in this modern world, be for us The Star of Consolation, The Smile of Forgiveness, and The Sun of Hope that leads to everlasting Joy. O Mother we implore You to intercede for us with Your Son, to who You are also Mother. Amen


    About the apparitions of Our Lady of Lezajsk:

    In 1578, a man named Thomas Michalek, was startled by a bright light.  Then a lady appeared to him and identified herself as the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She asked him  to build a church on that site.  She said, “Thomas, I chose this place.  Here my son will be loved and respected, and whosoever shall call upon my intercession, will receive my blessing“.

    Thomas was afraid, and he did nothing in response to this message and did not tell anyone. Our Lady appeared to him again and told him to put an end to his silence and announce what he had seen and heard; however, he still did nothing.

    Finally, Our Lady appeared to him a third time and scolded him for not following her instructions.  After this, he did relate his story to his fellow villagers, but was afraid to approach the Bishop.   H informed the authorities, who did not believe him….even his parish Priest refused to believe.  He was actually thrown in to prison.  He was subsequently released, and a small chapel was built here.

    In 1606, a larger shrine was built here thanks to the efforts of the local Bishop (Msgr Potrokonski) and the support of the Polish King, Sigismund III. Later, the Bishop’s successor confirmed the authenticity of the apparitions.  Pope Benedict XIV ordered that the image be crowned on September 8, 1752.

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