The El Rey Dude Corona Lancero Especial – Natural

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The El Rey Dude Corona Lancero Especial – Natural | View The Maduro Lanceros Especial

Shape: Lancero
Size: 38 x 8
Filler: Brazil and Nicaragua
Wrapper: Connecticut Natural/Ecuador

The KingDude says. “Do NOT let the size of this cigar fool you! Of all our Cigar Factory of New Orleans specialty cigars, these are the tastiest and bold finishing cigars in the line. I LOVE the Lancero Especial – Natural and you will too!

About our manufacturer, The Cigar Factory of New Orleans

Cigar Factory New Orleans was established in the city’s famous French Quarter District in 1999. The Owners of Cigar Factory New Orleans have been in the industry for 30 years, beginning in Las Vegas with Don Pablo Cigar Co, shortly thereafter opening the Cuban Cigar Factory in San Diego’s Gaslamp district, before returning the tradition of Cigar Making to The Big Easy

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  • I have only smoked cigars, not very frequently, for the last 3 years now. My wife and I shared this cigar. It was one of the smoothest cigars I’ve smoked, no harsh aftertaste, and it went well with a peaty whisky too. It also was not hard to keep going, “pull a draft” throughout, without re-punching the cigar due to a blocked passageway. All around it was very enjoyable, and relaxing after a long hard day.