The Siege of Malta-A Fragment of the History of the Knights of St. John eBook & Dramatic Reading by Mike Church

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    The Siege of Malta-A Fragment of the History of the Knights of St. John is an account of this most famous battle of Christians vs Muslims (Turks) for control of the Mediterranean Sea. The Knights of Malta aka the Knights of St. John were outnumbered 30-1 and yet they prevailed! Learn their inspiring and holy story with this modern translation augmented with maps of the battle and images of the combatants. This is a truly great work for men of all ages who want to learn what it takes to be a real Knight of Chivalry!

    Order the Siege of Malta eBook and we’ll thrown in the dramatic reading of it by Mike Church, newly remastered and in stereo for the first time! Here’s a small excerpt

    The exploits of the Chevaliers on the coast of Africa had sufficiently irritated Suliman, whose officers represented to him, that it would be absolutely necessary for the security of his empire to capture Malta, which served to intercept his armaments, and was a perpetual obstacle to the prosecution of his designs. An event which took place about this time precipitated matters, and brought suddenly the whole wrath of the Sultan upon the order. After the conquest of Pignon de Velez, seven Maltese galleys cruising between the islands of Zante and Cephalonia, encountered a great galleon, charged with the richest merchandise of the East, and defended by

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