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The Sight of Hell

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The Sight of Hell

    The Sight of Hell

    by Reverend John Furniss, C.S.S.R.

    Book Description: 

    I will tell you, that from all eternity I was thinking how to save you, and my heart was thirsting to save you. I cared for your happiness more than for my own, for I left my own happiness in heaven and went down to the earth to be tormented for your sake. When my Father, who is in heaven, had seen what I had done for you, he said, ‘Surely I will give that soul all the graces it needs, and a thousand times more than it needs, to save itself.

    Unhappy soul! You ask now for mercy; but it is too late. If you had asked for mercy when you were alive, how glad I should have been to be merciful to you. But now it is too late to ask for mercy. You must go back into everlasting punishment.

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