Abbey Roast Coffee from Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery




Abbey Roast Coffee

by Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery

Our Beans:

The Benedictine Monks of Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery are happy to offer you 100% Gourmet Arabica Coffee carefully roasted in small batches in order to bring out the unique qualities of some of the best selected coffee and deliver it to you fresh. Our prized, direct trade, Brazilian gourmet coffee is harvested from a small family-owned plantation located in the mountains of Nova Friburgo, Brazil, and was awarded first prize in the Rio de Janeiro Specialty Coffee Competition for quality. We are the exclusive importers of this acclaimed coffee.

Our hope is to offer you an exceptionally high quality, freshly roasted, coffee. All proceeds contribute to the expansion of our Monastery in order to receive the many vocations knocking on our doors.

We are most grateful for your purchase which greatly helps to support our growing monastic community. May God bless you eternally!
About The Monastery:

Founded in 1991 in the southern Rocky Mountains that overlook Silver City, New Mexico, Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery is the home of a young community of Benedictine monks. The secluded, mountainous site, the silence of the surrounding nature, the austere beauty of the high-desert terrain all join together to bespeak the particular vocation of this monastic foundation: the primacy of contemplation, a return to the spirit of the monks of Christian antiquity who, with the blessing of the Church, established a unique way of life lived for the honor and glory of God alone. Visit the Monastery here.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Autumn Blend, Black and White, Decaf, Brazillian, Espresso Blend, French Roast, Irish Blend, Veracruz, White Coffee

Coffee Style

Ground, Whole Bean

  • I just received my Abby Roast (black & white) yesterday. I just brewed my first cup this morning. It’s the first full cup I’ve every had without sweetener. It was soooooooo smooth. I have just added to my cold brew carafe so I’m looking forward to drinking that tomorrow. ☕

  • This is literally the finest coffee available, for three reasons: 1) It helps the monks with their mission from God, 2) It helps Crusade Radio with their promotion of the truth, 3) It tastes AWESOME!

  • I was so pleased with the flavor the the Abbey Roast Espresso Blend. It has such a smooth flavor – without the bitterness – and an amazing aroma. Occasionally , I’ll open the bag just to take in the pleasing scent of the grounds. Not only is is great hot right out of the pot, it tastes amazing as a cold brew. With each sip, remember that you’re supporting the Crusade Channel as well as Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery.