Anthology Collection, Complete Works – Digital Download

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The Compilation of The Mike Church Show Band ‘s Greatest Hit Parody Songs PLUS a 130 page autobiography of the band and Mike’s early radio career.


Anthology Collection, Complete Works – Digital Download

    “There is nothing like it anywhere else as it is a creation of Mike Church’s imaginative mind.” – Anthology owner Bill Evelyn

    The 3 Disc Compilation of The Mike Church Show Band ‘s Greatest Hits Parody Songs PLUS a 130 page autobiography of the band and Mike’s early radio career. If you’re wondering what an “anthology” is, well it is the chronological story of the Mike Church Show Band with a twist: HOW did they make all those great parody songs!? Unlike a mere “Greatest Hits” compilation, Anthology will introduce you to versions of your favorite songs as Mike and the boys developed them AND includes the final “master” recording.

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    In producing this collection Mike recovered versions of songs he didn’t even recall saving like the Band’s most popular song of 2006 “Democrats Somewhere”. Mike and Jimm Mosher restored the last version of the song made before it was discovered that G. Gordon Liddy would bail on his agreement to provide the answer to “What would G. Gordon Liddy do?”. This story and many more are contained in the 132 page autobiography book that comes with this collection. There are  67 tracks of your favorites like:

    Spyin’ Eyes

    Manuel Went Down to Georgia

    The Obamaphone EBT Song (Kodachrome)

    Work Like A Mexican

    For the First Time EVER: “Mr. Jefferson LIVE”

    What are fans saying about “Anthology”?

    “I had the opportunity, or should I say, good fortune to listen and rate the new Mike Church Show Band Anthology. I listened to the parody songs twice and graded them on the following criteria.

    1.  Creativity
    2.  Quality
    3.  Did I like it?
    4.  Do I think others will like it?
    In all cases I rated #1 and #2 100% of the songs were rated creative and of high quality.  I also believe 63% of the songs would be liked by others. meaning I liked 86% of all the songs. There are great songs and one I use as a ringtone at Christmas – Grandma Got Run Over by Obama. My favorite song that I feel is the most creative and likeable is Hilly’s Healthcare.  It is just a great song on its own.
    The creativity and quality of every track in the Anthology is unmatched.  There is nothing like it anywhere else as it is a creation of Mike Church’s imaginative mind. If you want an entertaining experience then you should get this unmatched Anthology. – Bill Evelyn

     Disc 1 Playlist: 

    1)  Spyin’ Eyes, 2013 released exclusively for Anthology

    2)  The Butch Club,    November 1993

    3)  Old’s Gym,    June 1994

    4)  Soho!,    February 2000

    5)  The Reverend Right Shady Heals,    January 2000

    6)  He’s The Horny Santa

    7)  Right Wingers Get Stoned,    Anthology Mix

    8)  Piss Poor DJ,    June 1999

    9)  Christmas Beer,    December 1999

    10) Get A Vasectomy,    March 2000

    11)  Puff The Nasty Rapper,    February 2001

    12)  The MC TV Show Theme,    April 2003

    13)  Chappaquiddick,    July 2005

    14)  Meet The Clintons,    April 2005

    15)  Takin’ Care of Liberals,    2013 released for Anthology

    16)  Lib-Boat,    October 2004

    17)  Chappaquiddick,    July 2005

    18)  She Hates Bush,  September 2005

    19)  The Lib Boat – Las Vegas Man,     October 2004

    20)  ACLU,    August 2005

    21) The Lib Boat,    October 2004

    22)  Tie A Purple Ribbon,    September 2004

    23)  50 Ways To Be A Liberal,    January 2005

    24)  Tie A Purple Ribbon,    October 2005

    25)  Gather ‘Round The Holiday Tree,    December 2005

    26)  Scary Kerry Mash,    October 2004

    27)  Left Wing Woman,    November 2006


    Disc 2 Playlist:

    1)  Libs On The Run,    December 2005

    2)  Work Like A Mexican,    remixed for Anthology

    3)  Hillary’s So Vain,    remixed for Antholgy

    4)  Hillary’s Intravocalitis (HIV),    January 2006

    5) There’s Democrats Somewhere, November 2006

    6) No Nobody’s (Gonna Get a Gift From Me) December 2006

    7)  Smokin-SUV-Fumes-(Demo-2)

    8)  Oval Office Dreamin’,    June 2007

    9) Al Gore’s Fire,    August 2007

    10)  Hawaiin Shirt Day – Demo  October 2007

    11)  Red-White-&-Dude-(Acoustic-Demo),    May 2007

    12)  Return to Border,    November 2007

    13)   Smokin’ SUV Fumes,    November 2007

    14)  Red White and Dude Nation Anthem,    October 2007

    15)  Obama,    February 2008

    16)  Friday Is Hawaiian Shirt,    November 2007

    17)  Still McCain,    remixed for Anthology

    18)  Gassolution,    remixed for Anthology

    19)  The O-Team,    November 2008

    20)  Red Economy,    February 2009

    21)  Here’s To You Mr. Jefferson,    March 2009

    22)  Last Train To Brokesville,    May 2009

    23) Grandma Got Run Over by Obama, December 2009

    Disc 3 Playlist



    03) Hillys-Health-Care-(Final)

    04) Dopers-In-Sandals

    05) Queen-of-Pain-(Extended)

    06) Bills-So-Lonely-(White-Album-Master)3 07-Where-The-Jobs-Arent

    08) Bad-Bad-Kim-Jong-Il-(Vocal-Test)

    09) Patriots-Wont-Take-It-(Demo)

    10) New-Constitution-Theme

    11) Bad-Bad-Kim-Jong-Il-(Libs-on-the-Run-Master)3

    12) Roofs-Obamas-Calkin

    13) Good-Patrick-Henry

    14) Patriots-Wont-Take-It

    15) Looking-For-Gov-(in-all-the-wrong-places)

    16) ObamaPhone-(The-EBT-Song)

    17) Grandma-Got-Run-Over-By-Obama-(2013)

    18) Manuel-Went-Down-To-Georgia-(2013)



    The Anthology Complete Works Book:

    123 pages of pure, Mike Church Show history.  Mike takes you back all the way from the beginning….when it all started, to where he is today.  He gives you an inside look into what gave him the ideas of each song, how they came about to be and how he maneuvered vocals and tracks to give you the wonderful pieces of art you see here!

    The Mike Church Show Band   1992-2013

    Mike Church – Vocals, guitars
    Jimm Mosher- Vocals, Percussion, bass, guitars, keyboards Alan Grossman – Vocals, guitars Jessica Drake – Vocals Ashley Farmer – Vocals
    Jennifer Anderson Kelly – Vocals



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