Dumb College by Christopher Rogers

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    Dumb College by Christopher Rogers

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    Dumb College tells the story of Veena Singh, a woman fighting the American society bent on eliminating all paper books, storing the text electronically, and weeding out the undesirable and politically incorrect text.Veena is an exile, sent to America by her Indian professors to study the American decline in 2049. In her time, the authoritarian nations of Southeast Asia and Russia lead the world, as America and Europe begin to flounder. Veenas Indian professors are also baffled by reports from underground American academicians. Apparently, a human-readable message emanated from the Big Bang. But nearly every American university has summarily ignored this postcard from God.At her Arkansas college, Dorothy Underwood Multiversity, Veena observes Americas intelligentsia and brightest youth. She meets hypocritical deans and professors, and she lives among the fine arts students, who blindly follow the professors. For her thesis, Veenas American professors order her to help find the right-wing cabal that threatens to end college admissions quotas. Meanwhile, she faces three stalkers and the threat of immediate deportation. Dumb College blends humor, rich characters, and intellectual intrigue in the story of Veenas fight to save Western literature, philosophy and art, and her search for the message from God.

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    Christopher Rogers

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