The Great Facade – by Christopher Ferrara

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The Great Facade by Christopher Ferrara and Thomas Woods

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The Great Facade – by Christopher Ferrara

    The Great Facade – (hardback) by Christopher Ferrara

    Book Description:  Empty seminaries, shuttered parishes, crisis-level priest shortages, altar girls, trendy “liturgies” — not to mention worldwide homosexual clergy scandals, loss of faith, and the exodus of Catholics from the Church. What has happened to the Catholic Church since 1965? Why did the Church suddenly seem to lose her very identity after the Second Vatican Council? Where is the much-vaunted conciliar “springtime”?

    In this book, Christopher A. Ferrara, Esq., and Dr. Thomas Woods cut through the confusion and the doubletalk and get to the heart of the matter: it was not nameless, faceless “liberals” but the Council itself and decisions by the Vatican and the conciliar Popes that brought on the current unparalleled ecclesial crisis. While the Church still stands, her teachings are still there and her traditional Latin Mass is still alive, Catholics are now forced to look hard in order to find these things. They must look behind a great facade of novelty and failed experimentation imposed upon the Church in the name of Vatican II — a facade that separates Catholics from their own God-given patrimony: 2000 years of traditional teaching, liturgy, and spirituality.

    In order to restore the Church to vigor, millions of so-called “traditional” Catholics are abandoning the feeble neo-Catholicism that has arisen over the past forty years and seeking a return to the virile Catholicism of the perennial Church.

    This book also refutes, with devastating logic and precision, all the common “neo-Catholic” objections to the traditionalist position, while confounding all the usual “neo-Catholic” excuses for the ruinous mistakes of judgment by Church authorities that have reduced the Church to her current condition.

    The great facade is already crumbling and beginning to fall. This book exposes its flimsy footings and gives it a powerful shove.


    About the Authors:  Christopher A. Ferrara earned his Baccalaureate and Juris Doctor degrees from Fordham University. He is President and Chief Counsel of the American Catholic Lawyers Association, Inc., a nonprofit religious organization dedicated to defending the religious liberties of Catholics in state and federal litigation, public discourse and debate. He has achieved major appellate victories in pro-life cases. Mr. Ferrara has written extensively on Catholic issues, including the postconciliar crisis in the Catholic Church. His writing has appeared frequently in The Latin Mass, The Remnant, Christian Order, Catholic Family News, and other publications.

    Thomas E. Woods, Jr., holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard and his M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. from Columbia University. He is the author of Ever Ancient, Ever New: Catholic Intellectuals and the Progressive Era (Columbia University Press, 2004, forthcoming), and editor of The Political Writings of Rufus Choate (Regnery, 2002). His writing has appeared in Investor’s Business Daily, the Christian Science Monitor, Modern Age, and dozens of other periodicals, and his work has been translated into six languages. He is also a contributor to five encyclopedias, and serves as editor of The Latin Mass magazine.


    Reviews:  “Must reading. Will be used as a tool in the decades ahead.” — Thomas A. Droleskey, Ph.D., author, _Christ in the Voting Booth_
    “Superb–best analysis of the present, parlous state of the Church I’ve read…. Utterly persuasive.” — Jeffrey Rubin, editor, Conservative Book Club

    The analyses, warnings, and proffered solutions are as important to non-Catholic conservatives, even non-believers, as to Catholics. — Jimmy Cantrell, _The Texas Mercury_

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