Family Be Damned

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    Family Be Damned

    Author Kennedy Hall

    About The Book: The 2020 worldwide lockdown unleashed a fog of confusion and uncertainty into the world. Times like these are fertile breeding grounds for demonic activity in the family. In Family Be Damned, Kennedy Hall explores the ways the demons attack the family in a fictional account of diabolically coordinated attacks on a modern family. The book follows a typical family of four—mother, father, son and daughter—as they navigate through the hardships many families have faced during the worst parts of the pandemic. This story gives insight into how the diabolical entities use our circumstances in order to rip apart the most fundamental institution of society: the family.

    “Part thriller, part documentary and part Catholic catechism, Hall has woven the three elements together in a hoot of a read that has its ‘eureka, I knew it!’ and on the flip-side, sorrowful ‘really bad things happen to good people’ moments. A worthy contribution in the tradition of Screwtape during the era of the COVID lockdown.” – Mike Church, Radio & TV Host of The Mike Church Show

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