Galileo Was Wrong-Full Audio WebCast

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This is the COMPANION AUDIO recording, digitally mastered, of this in-production video series, taken from the Mike Church Show’s Post Show Show Show featuring Robert Sungenis.

    Mandeville, LA – It is one of the great urban legends of our time that Galileo Galilei was right to have proposed Heliocentrism to describe Earth’s place in the cosmos and the Roman Catholic Church was wrong on this count. Part of this myth also holds that Galileo’s theory has been tested thousands of times over and proven to be 100% True.  In this 70 minute Webisode you will learn with Robert Sungenis (director of Galileo Was Wrong on DVD) and Mike Church that i fact, heliocentrism has never been proven, nor has it been proven that Earth if moving through space much less around the sun. Most importantly you’ll learn WHY this is one of the most important things to know to gain the upper hand in the Church Militant’s struggle against Her enemy: Evil.

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