Hearts of the Holy Family Tie Clip



    Hearts of the Holy Family Tie Clip

    Designed by Glory Bee Designs

    This beautiful tie clip design depicts the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Chaste Heart of St. Joseph. The Hearts are made from bass wood and individually hand painted by Glory Bee Designs.

    These make great gifts for: husbands, fathers, sons, first communion, weddings/groomsman, business, and more.

    The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a symbol of Christ’s immense love for humanity, with a wound in its side and a crown of thorns representing the damage of our sins. A cross is implanted in it, representing the sorrow inflicted during his life and passion. The Chaste Heart of St. Joseph is wrapped in lilies, a sign of his purity and holiness as the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and foster father of Jesus. The Immaculate Heart’s fire illustrates the burning love Mary has for God the Father and for her Son. Mary’s heart, pierced with a sword to remind us of the sorrows she endured silently in her lifetime as Jesus’s mother, is ringed with a wreath of roses. The flowers symbolize that, throughout her spiritual suffering, Our Lady remained committed to the humility, obedience, and purity for which we revere her.

    Tie Clip Color

    Silver, Bronze, Gold


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