March CRUSADE Channel Crowdfunding

    Talk radio is expensive to produce and LIVE! talk-radio at a 24/7 clip is VERY expensive to produce, organize and maintain. We rely on a few commodities that are now being directly impacted by the demonic Biden Regime’s war on Russia:



    Internet services

    Supply prices

    We have been moving assets and adjusting our spending on the CRUSADE Channel for 3 years now to avoid any price increase for subscribers but that is now all but inevitable. What you need to know is that YOUR contributions to our CRUSADE Channel Crowdfunding efforts has been the SOLE REASON we have avoided raising our basic subscription rates. We want the WORLD to be able to listen to the CRUSADE Channel and would rather that we be about the business of LOWERING our subscriber rates but in the short term that is just does not look likely (Our Lady of Walsingham, Pray For Us!).

    This crowdfunding page is a NECESSARY and existential effort that keeps the CRUSADE Channel going but also this store’s products at the current prices. Please be as generous as you can, every contribution helps!

    Thanks, God bless and The Holy Family keep you!


    Mike Church


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    Start Date2022/03/07
    End Date2022/04/05
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