April Crowdfunding For The CRUSADE Channel & Mike Church Show


April Crowdfunding For The CRUSADE Channel & Mike Church Show

    On November 11, 2021, the Crusade Channel completed SIX YEARS of non-stop, 24-7 News and Talk Radio! This is no small feat given the unprecedented competition for listeners/viewers in the age of “new media”.

    Mike Church in action every weekday 6-10am—YOUR Contributions have kept Mike on CRUSADE Channel air since 2015, THANK YOU!

    So far we have survived; but that is not enough. The Great Reset’s Global Cabal has advanced well beyond where anyone thought possible and is taking full advantage of its ownership of nearly ALL broadcast & streamed media. The CRUSADE Channel stands as the Cabal’s mortal enemy, a classic David vs Goliath. This threat REQUIRES free people to have a media outlet they can rely upon and trust. The CRUSADE Channel is THAT outlet, an outlet that will meet the enemy on the battlefield, on the offensive, i.e. enough “rear guard” actions! But, to continue this war we, must expand our membership numbers. This. Is. You.

    “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Walter Morrow (Economics In Eight Words).

    Morrow was correct in 1939 and he is correct today. Yet most people don’t believe him and instead believe the following as “true”: Amazon Prime shipping is FREE; YouTube videos are FREE… even …Free Speech is FREE.

    FACT CHECK 1: Amazon shipping is subsidized by overcharging every other shipper including yours truly at The Founders Tradin’ Post.

    FACT CHECK 2: YouTube harvests your most intimate and private data and then sells it to millions of advertisers who then SPAM you wherever possible using that data.

    FACT CHECK 3: As Thomas Jefferson said “To preserve the freedom of the human mind… and freedom of the press, every spirit should be ready to devote itself to martyrdom.”

    A truly free press requires the sacrifice of free men – sacrifice in time, investment and ultimately, life. Any man willing to donate those 3 things for the sake of “free”

    communication and thus the advancement of civilization, will require remuneration for his efforts – just like any tradesman such as the butcher, maker and candlestick maker.

    The internet and mass digital media have not changed this but they have given rise to the 3 great lies above (and many similar lies) that the New Media is FREE as it seemingly “don’t cost nuthin”. This is a sneaky way to squash independent content creators and media outlets who cannot survive on google/youtube “revenue share” crumbs IF they could earn them. By casting into cement shoes from The Sopranos the mantra of “free content”, the independent provider is made out to be “greedy” or even worse, some of us are called “grifters”.

    Well, things that are “free” are usually poorly made and come with no guarantee of efficiency; and that is the truth about most New Media. The Truth.

    We should be able to say this, cause its True.

    People should be able to believe this, because it’s True.

    People should care about reversing this, because their lives depend upon it. That is also True.

    When a media personality or broadcasting company is responsible for its actions then it can be held accountable for the Truth or Fiction of its publications, viewings or broadcasts. And only then will there be Truth in Media in the same way the Wonder Bread Company can be held accountable for selling bread that is not eaten up with hidden botulism and mold.

    Remember, ultimately “You Get What You Pay For.”

    The CRUSADE Channel RELIES on Crowdfunding donations to survive every month, for as little as $5.00 YOU can strike a blow AT the MSM and FOR guild-based, truly independent, News-Talk-Radio!. We focus on defending The Good, True and Beautiful by going on offense to project them into the public arena, for as Chesterton said…

    “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” G.K. Chesterton, – Illustrated London News, Jan. 14, 1911

    The CRUSADE Channel charges a premium for our broadcasts and services but because our membership is modest, it’s never enough.

    Our professional broadcasts and the delivery and storage for future use of our broadcasts requires 3 resources: creativity and Inspiration; the extraordinary talent to execute this; and the hardware and software means to independently transmit, store and stream.

    We have met the broadcast challenges, in battle, head on with the Truth since we began in 2015 at the end of Obama’s reign of evil; then came the assault upon President Trump, the one man who had a chance to “drain the swamp” and now the rise of the Cult of Death Cabal’s Unelected Oligarchy known as the Biden Regime.

    No other independent broadcasting entity has come close to our coverage of these events and everything in between. Because we own most of our infrastructure we shall never be “de-platformed” or “banned” on our primary broadcast mediums; again, that is because of the Premium support of our members like you.

    However, this is a capital intensive process. At every point in the chain, people or services must be adequately paid for and thus this appeal: we continue to have a monthly shortfall in the thousands of dollars and are hamstrung in any effort to expand our broadcast day services with the necessary talents we know are seeking opportunity, mentorship and an audience of men and women of Good Will.

    This brings me back to my pitch and plea.

    PITCH – Every donation to The CRUSADE Channel is a direct, full frontal assault on the Media Industrial Complex and their diabolical defense and promotion of The Cult of Death Cabal and its “global citizenry”.

    PLEA – Make a donation in any amount and you become a member of our broadcasting family and help guarantee a bright future for extraordinary young talents whose mission is to broadcast, promote and defend the Good, True and Beautiful.

    Think about it. For a every CA$H donation you make, the diabolical and their MSM defenders lose a patron and the Truth gains one.

    If you truly wish to hear the Truth of our modern world, you should be willing to pay for it.

    I know you do, so click The CONTRIBUTE To The CRUSADE Channel NOW! button at the top of this page and let’s get started.


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