Patrick Henry AudioBook Download-Part I of IV

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Patrick Henry American Statesman (paperback version)


Patrick Henry AudioBook Download-Part I of IV

    Patrick Henry American Statesman Part I of IV

    (audiobook edition – This product will be released as it is recorded, in 4 separate parts)

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    Who is Patrick Henry?

    Most Americans recognize Patrick Henry as “The Orator” who delivered the “give me liberty or give me death” speech which thus delivered the United States a free and independent nation. This view of Henry’s life is rather like believing that George Washington’s signature achievement was chopping down a cherry tree.

    Patrick Henry’s public life is an exciting, inspirational and uniquely American story that is unfortunately nearly unknown, until now. Patrick Henry-American Statesman takes you on a biographical thrill ride through the revolutionary formation of the State of Virginia and the United States. Henry’s closeness to Washington, both John and Samuel Adams and his rocky friendship with Thomas Jefferson are all revealed.

    In Patrick Henry-American Statesman, readers will be fascinated to learn:

    * Henry was mocked behind his back by Jefferson and was believed by some to be illiterate

    * Henry was nearly accused of treason in 1765 for opposing the Stamp Act

    * Henry attended & was instrumental in calling the 1st Continental Congress

    * The Virginia Assembly elected him as its first governor and 4 times afterward

    * His warnings over ratifying the Constitution have all come to pass

    * The Bill of Rights were insisted on by James Madison to silence his

    criticism of the Constitution

    * The term “gerrymander” (for Ellbridge Gerry) should be “henrymander”

    * There is but one portrait of Henry taken from life. The most popular Henry painting is of Capt. Cook!

    * Henry was a devout Episcopalian and resented rumors he was a “Deist”

    Patrick Henry-American Statesman is not a history book, it is an exciting biography of the second greatest American who ever lived.

    This edition is the first modern release of this classic work and features 1 new chapter from editor Mike Church, “Henry in Art”. This edition also includes illustrations and was reformatted using modern publishing techniques.



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