[r]epublican Bottle Koozie

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The NEW [r]epublican Bottle Koozie direct from Sparta, Rome & These United States!

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    The NEW [r]epublican Bottle Koozie. How can you NOT love a product that features “Sparta” AND “These United States” in a meaningful way!?

    Made of 100% Neoprene Construction. They are machine washable and extremely durable. Beer Holders have a rugged sewn in zipper and a non-skid bottom. Not only do Beer Koozies keep your beer cold, they also provide an extra degree of safety near the pool and at the beach!

    If your beer bottle gets broken, all the glass is safely contained by the Bottle Koozie making clean-up easy and alleviating any worry of glass fragments being scattered around the pool deck or beach.

    Weight 1.00 lbs


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[r]epublican Bottle Koozie

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