Spirit of ’76 DVD/CD Combo Set

How was the Constitution written band what can we learn from that process that can help us solve America’s runaway government’s problems? Find out in the Spirit of ’76 DVD-CD Combo, and enjoy over 7 and a half hours of family friendly. Founding Father inspired entertainment all for one low price.

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“The Spirit of ’76” tells the real story of the writing and ratification of the U.S. Constitution including the world’s first portrayal of the most important yet untold piece of the story: the Virginia Ratification Convention and the OPPOSITION led by patriot Patrick Henry, who made famous the phrase, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” But you won’t just hear the historic debates that shaped our country – you will see it as well.

“The Spirit of ’76” transports you back in time to Independence Hall and see it with Emmy-award winning actor Jay Thomas and an ensemble cast of some of radio’s best-known voices. “I was always extremely proud of what I achieved with ‘The Road to Independence’ and “Fame Of The Fathers,’” Church noted. “But it was time to take things to the next level with ‘The Spirit of ’76, this is historic cinema!.”

Mike directed the entire project and Dr. Kevin Gutzman of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution” served as historical consultant so accuracy is assured.

Our story begins in the office of Richmond Enquirer newspaper publisher Thomas Ritchie and the next 2:45 minutes transports the listener to Independence Hall, Washngton DC, the Graff House where Jefferson wrote the Declaration, New York City and Richmond’s New Academy of Arts & Science on Shockoe Hill.

The Spirit of ’76” – COMPLEAT Edition (Audio set) offers fans the real story of the Founding Fathers writing and ratification of the Constitution in a new, digitally remixed & remastered format & includes extended scenes never before heard.

Preview: The Convention Begins on a dark, cold, rainy day and George Washington accepts appointment as its President

Preview: Patrick Henry demands to know “Who authorized [James MAdison & co] to speak the language of ‘We the People’ Instead of We the States & thus begins his opposition to the Constitution

Preview: Was sabotage to blame for the failure of New York & Virginia to unite in opposition the the Constitution’s ratification!?


Audio CD Set Includes:

3 – Audio Disc
Stereo Sound – Digitally Mixed & Mastered
214 Minutes

DVD Includes:

Disc 1 – Theatrical Version “Final Edition”
Color – 118 Minutes
Widescreen – 1.77:1
Filmed in High Definition

Disc 2 – Full-Length “Special Edition”
Color – 167 Minutes
Widescreen – 1.77:1
Filmed in High Definition

Bonus Materials:
Interview with Mike Church
Full Uncut Epilogue
Jay Thomas as Ben Franklin (video)
Audio Commentary Track with Writer/Director/Star Mike Church
Alternate “Epilogue” ending
Theatrical Trailer
8-page Collectors Booklet featuring Spirit of ’76 Timeline

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