Spirit of 76 -Xth Edition-Limited Edition of 76 Copies

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Celebrating the Xth printing of The Spirit of ’76 with this Limited Edition Collectors Item. a very rare item limited to just 76 pieces ever produced. A great Christmas gift for the Mike Church fan or movie memorabilia collector!

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Spirit of 76 -Xth Edition-Limited Edition of 76 Copies

    This Collector’s set of the Xth printing of Mike Church’s Spirit of 76 is limited to ’76, signed and numbered copies and features.

    Brand new marquee sized (24 x18) poster artwork from Mike Church for the Tenth Printing of So76, printed on heavy, glossy poster stock, signed and then numbered by the artist, Mike Church. This print is suitable for framing.

    A special, DVD “wrap”, featuring the Xth printing artwork and limited to ’76 copies, signed and numbered by the artist, Mike Church.

    2 Spirit of ’76 DVD’s, the theatrical “Final Edition” and the original docudrama style release of the film.

    An 8 page, full color insert booklet featuring the making of story of the Spirit of ’76, the Spirit of ’76 timeline and much more.

    Celebrating the 10th printing of the popular Spirit of 76 DVD with this Limited Edition collectors set!  We are only printing 76 of these limited edition sets so do not wait.  Once they are gone…they are gone.


    The Spirit of ’76” tells the real story of the writing and ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

    “History can be boring for many. Church’s ‘Spirit of ’76′ not only makes it entertaining for a wider audience but teaches viewers important lessons about America’s founding document – Washington, DC was never meant to be so powerful and the states so powerless, the Bill of Rights was supposed to limit the federal government, not the states.”– Jack Hunter, The American Conservative Magazine (1)



    Brand new poster artwork from Mike Church for the Tenth Printing of So76!
    Brand new poster artwork from Mike Church for the Tenth Printing of So76!

    The Final Edition of the Spirit of ’76 is not just another-re-release with different color artwork, THIS IS AN ENTIRELY RE-EDITED FILM. We cut almost an entire hour from the original “Spirit of 76 -Special Edition”, added brand new graphics, edited 100′s of animation sequence and re-filmed all the Live Action sequences. Add in a compelling story line that young and old, expert and novice can follow along with and enjoy and you have a new film for the ages. There are over 3 hours of bonus materials as well (see list below).

    “The Spirit of ’76” tells the real story of the writing and ratification of the U.S. Constitution including the world’s first portrayal of the most important yet untold piece of the story: The Virginia Ratification Convention and the opposition to the Constitution, passionately led by George Mason and patriot Patrick Henry, who made famous the phrase, “Give me liberty, or give me death.”But you won’t just hear the historic debates that shaped our country’s understanding of the Constitution – you will see them as well, for the FIRST TIME EVER ON FILM.

    “The Spirit of ’76” transports you back in time to Independence Hall and see it with Emmy-award winning actor Jay Thomas and an ensemble cast of some of radio’s best-known voices. “I was always extremely proud of what I achieved with ‘The Road to Independence’ and “Fame Of The Fathers,’”Director Mike Church noted. “But it was time to take things to the next level with ‘The Spirit of ’76, this is historic cinema!.”

    Church directed the entire project and Dr. Kevin Gutzman of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution”fame served as historical consultant so accuracy is assured.

    Our story begins in 1819 at the office of Richmond Enquirer newspaper publisher Thomas Ritchie and the next 1 hour and 52 minutes transports the viewer to Independence Hall, Washington DC, the Graffe House where Jefferson wrote the Declaration, the streets of New York City and Richmond VA’s New Academy of Arts & Science on Shockoe Hill where the famous Virginia Ratification Convention was held.

    Now you can enjoy the Full-length version of “The Spirit of ’76″ and the NEW Theatrical (short) version of Spirit of ’76 all for ONE low price!


    (1) – Jack Hunter, American Conservative Magazine


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