What Lincoln Killed-Directors Edition $100 Donation/Purchase

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What Lincoln Killed $100 Donation/Purchase

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    NEW, UPDATED $100 DONATION plus the new DIRECTORS EDITION – Friends and fellow [r]epublicans. Thanks for visiting our website www.mikechurch.com which is designed and maintained to educate and inform the growing number of “little r republicans” and “Founder’s Red Pill” takers. We are regularly updating this site’s content and producing a wide variety of original, multimedia material for that purpose. This is a very expensive process that is made possible by your purchases of T-shirts, CD docudramas, DVD movies from the Founders Tradin’ Post and your subscriptions to the Founders Pass area of this site. We rarely accept on-site advertising because it detracts from the content or ask for donations to support the site but instead ask that you consider a Founders Pass membership or the regular purchase of our newest t-shirt or movie in the Founders Tradin’ Post.

    2012 presented a challenge for many small businesses like ours and it was tough on us as well. Through your help we were able to get “What Lincoln Killed-EPISODE I” & “The Road To Independence-The Movie” to market. These titles are still young and I hope you will consider purchasing and promoting them with us this year and beyond so we can proceed to the next feature planned “What Lincoln Killed-EPISODE II”.

    We offer a $100 donation/purchase to basically help us with daily operations and to ensure we keep producing materials to teach our wonderful history.  With this donation/purchase you will receive a Collectors Edition of What Lincoln Killed-Episode II that has a certificate of authenticity (signed and numbered) and an autographed marquee sized poster.


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