Tickets For The CRUASADER C O N G R E S S

Here you can RSVP and purchase tickets for the 1st annual CRUSADER Knights CONGRESS festival/meeting in Covington, LA, Friday April 30 and Saturday-Sunday May 1-2!. The Event will be held on Friday at The Seiler Bar, Saturday at The Firehouse Event Center (see map) and Sunday at The Covington Pavilion. The official website for all speaker and event details is here!

NEW!!!! The Digital Broadcast ONLY Edition Is Here!

PLEASE NOTE!! If you are purchasing a DOUBLE ticket for any day, you MUST add TWO tickets to your cart, that’s the only way this program will generate two separate attendee profiles!

What Is the CRUSADER C O N G R E S S?

The principal aim of the CRUSADER Knight Congress is to bring CRUSADERS together to personally meet, get to know each other and learn basic concepts and action items to help organize and fight for the Christian/Catholic communities we want to live in. There’s no “cancel culture” nonsense welcome here. We call the Cult of Death’s, cult of cancel and raise them a Speedy Gonzales and & Pepe Lépew!

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