A Gentleman’s Guide – to Manners, Sex and Ruling The World

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    A Gentleman’s Guide to Manners, Sex and Ruling the World

    by S.K. Baskerville

    Book Description:

    • A guide for modern men, young and old
    • Candid, instructive, and genuinely faithful
    • Thoughtful and faithful gift for a man you cherish

    Manhood is not something you’re born into it: it’s something that must be achieved and proven. Dr. Baskerville presents here the frankest guide to manners and morals ever written, offering you a refreshingly honest guidebook on how to become not just a man in the modern world but a gentleman. From his huge reservoir of observations and guidelines, you’ll learn:

    • Why any man can, and every man should, be a gentleman
    • Why being a gentleman is not a matter of birth, class, social superiority, or snobbery
    • How the traditional rules can be applied to benefit the modern man – and those around him.
    • Why leadership is essential to being a man and a gentleman
    • How to develop the social graces of polite society without compromising your manhood
    • How a gentleman should honor women without falling into political correctness
    • What subjects are appropriate for conversation – and which ones are not
    • Tips for courtship, marriage, and family life
    • What are the natural roles and responsibilities of fatherhood?
    • Why the ideal of the gentleman is inseparable from the responsibility to rule yourself and others
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