The KingDude’s Original Beast and Butt Rub™



    The KingDude’s Original Beast and Butt Rub™

    13 oz plastic container

    case = 12 – 13oz bottles

    The KingDude’s award winning Beast, Butt and Rib Rub.  Used by The KingDude and his Barbacoa Brotherhood cooking team at dozens of professional BBQ competitions.  Now you can cook like the pros in the comfort of your own home.  Get your NEW, 13oz “bougie” shaker today. This rub has won grand prizes and top 5 finishes for Boston Butts, pulled pork and several top 5 finishes in St. Louis cut, Memphis style barbecue ribs AND the committed adulation of legions of backyard chefs across ‘Muricah.

    WATCH-The KingDude’s Series on making the BEST, bbq ribs you’ve ever had using our Beast and Butt Rub!

    Weight 1.5 lbs

    bottle, case


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