The KingDude’s Acadiana Steak Rub & Seasoning™

“The Best Steak Dinner Yo’ve Ever Had!”The KingDude

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The KingDude’s Acadiana Steak Rub

Just say the name: steak! and mouths begin to water while chops are being licked. ummm, ummm! no one loves steak more than me, folks and after stumbling upon a steak-cooking-secret, i’ve spent the last year perfecting my signature, Kingdude’s Acadiana Steak Rub™ & Cooking System.


1 – 8 oz. bag of Acadiana Steak Rub & Seasoning™

1 – Complete instructions for stove top searing and basting your steaks to perfection

My unique blend of peppers, herbs, spices with just the right amount of salt, makes the perfect steak rub. tender, juicy, never over-cooked and seasoned to perfection, The Kingdude’s Acadiana Steak Rub™ & Cooking System takes all the guess work out of steak seasoning and cooking times. Try a bag of my Acadiana Steak Rub™ today and I guarantee you the best steak dinner you ever had.

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  • The Acadiana Steak Rub helped with a fantastic Valentine’s Day. I took a thick piece of Black Angus Ribeye Corn fed in Nebraska. Then I butterflied it, partially slicing through the steak horizontally. When opened it looks like a heart but with a little trimming of the fat and side muscle, it will be even more apparent. Then I used the Acadiana Rub and the King Dude’s genius cooking method. I placed the finished juicy heart-shaped steak on a McLure Cutting Board along with a 50ct Baked Potato crusted with butter and kosher salt and some cheese-covered steamed broccoli florets. My wife’s eyes went wide when I placed it in the center of our Dining Room Table. It only got better when she said that it was the best steak that she ever ate! She said not only was this the best Valentine’s Day ever but she would only eat steak cooked this way. Thanks, Mike for developing not only the Acadiana Rub but the cooking method as well.