Fair DUI

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Fair DUI – Stay Safe And Sane In A World Gone MADD

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Fair DUI

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    Fair DUI by Warren Redlich

    Stay Safe And Sane In A World Gone MADD


    DUI isn’t just someone else’s problem. Read Fair DUI to make sure it doesn’t become your problem.

        The book MADD doesn’t want you to read!

    Heavy handed groups like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) have pushed us into an insane set of DUI laws that ruin innocent lives without making us safer. Drivers encounter a stacked deck masquerading under the name “criminal justice.”

    This book is about you, your family and friends. You are all at risk. Anyone who ever has just one drink before driving a car should read Fair DUI. It exposes the failures of the current system, offers real solutions for dealing with chronic offenders and for protecting drivers who can be helpless pawns if they don’t know what their rights are.

    DUI trial lawyer Warren Redlich has the answers. He has taken over 50 trials to jury verdict and dealt with over a hundred courts in New York and Florida. His experience as an elected official also gives him additional insights into the politics of law making. The one-time candidate for Governor has a passion for individual liberty, a passion we can most appreciate when we see our own liberties placed in jeopardy.

    Fair DUI is not a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo. It is a plain spoken, easy-to-read guide that will open your eyes to the abuses of the criminal justice system and offer practical advice for protecting your own interests. There are plenty of real life stories that are colorful and instructive, along with specifics like:

    1. How to avoid drinking and driving
    2. Handling police encounters
    3. Whether to take the breathalyzer and how to blow if you do
    4. Choosing a lawyer
    5. Fight or take a deal

    It pulls no punches when highlighting specific abuses in law enforcement and the harsh and unworkable approach taken by MADD. The book proposes specific reforms, focuses on education and treatment and provides a Top 10 List for dealing with DUI law.

    In an age when so many drivers have become targets, and the human and financial costs of drunk driving continue to climb, this must read is a cutting edge call to arms that no citizen should be without.

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