Anthology-Autobiography of the Mike Church Show Band Book

The autobiography of the Mike Church Show Band by Mike Church takes from Mike’s first day in radio in 1992 up to today.

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Anthology Complete Insert Booklet (PDF format) 

Are you curious about how Mike Church, “The KingDude” comes up with his parody songs heard on his nationally broadcast radio show on Sirius/XM?  Have you ever listened to one of his parody songs and asked yourself “Where the heck did he get those lyrics from?”  Well, all of your questions have been answered!  Mike has taken some of his favorite songs from 1993 until today and written wonderfully thoughtful excerpts on each one. From what radio station he was working for to the brilliant song that inspired the hilarious lyrics!  This “Book” is more than just a table of contents….it is verging on autobiography!  If you are curious about how parody songs come about or just curious about the early years of the Mike Church Show, this “Booklet” has it all.

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