FFFilms Signature Series Bookmarks – The Jefferson

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FFFilms Signature Series Bookmarks make an elegant, memorable addition to any book collection

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    Mandeville, LA – Here at the Founders Tradin’ Post we have been booksellers for nearly 4 years but it never occurred to us that we might want to provide our customers with bookmarks for the books they buy from us. Wouldn’t it be even more cool if we made those bookmarks into a theme and the theme into a set? Well after a few  years of hemming and hawing, we are proud top roll-out the Founding Father Films-Signature Series Bookmarks featuring the signatures of  George Washington, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson, placed over stunning graphics from our movies and books featuring those famous men.

    The two other bookmarks are each available separately too:

    The Jefferson Signature Series Bookmark

    The Henry Signature Series Bookmark

    Now you can get all 3 in one set and save 33% off the price of each bought separately so you get a great deal too.

    And of course don’t forget, you can save BIG-TIME by ordering all three bookmarks at once.

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