Give Founders Pass Gift Memberships-Physical Shipped Version



    CRUSADE Channel, Founders Pass Gift Membership Kit-The Physical Shipped Version!

    Anyone can chunk an iTunes Gift Card In Their Sam’s Basket, only a TRUE Friend Gives The Gift of The CRUSADE Channel! Featuring the world renowned Mike Church Show and an all-original 24-7 Talk-Radio & Entertainment lineup unlike anything on radio today. You’re gonna be a hero after the lucky recipient listens for a just a few weeks & the JOINS The CRUSADE!

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    Founders Pass Gift Memberships – Giving A Membership to the world’s only, 24-7, all-original Talk radio Station, The CRUSADE Channel!

    This summer give the gift of the Truth, a 3 month or one full year Gift Membership Kit to The CRUSADE Channel’s Founders Pass basic membership!



    Each kit comes in its own packaging and can be gift wrapped and shipped anywhere in the US! Each Gift Kit contains:

    •  A Founders Pass Membership Certificate with its own unique discount code for a FREE, 3 month or 1 year, Founders Pass Membership. Each card is signed by the KingDude himself!
    • 4 FREE, 5 Minute Mysteries Downloads with 5 Minute Mystery’s Collector’s Cards!
    • A CRUSADE Channel, “Crossed Swords” Window Sticker.

    A Founders Pass Basic Membership includes access to the Premium CRUSADE Channel Radio Stream, access to all show podcasts on the CRUSADE Channel web site and access to the world famous CRUSADER Stadium Chat Room!

    Weight 1 lbs
    Gift Membership

    1 Year Membership, 3 Month Gift Membership

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