Good Saint Anne

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    Good Saint Anne

    Book Description:  St. Anne, the beloved Mother of Our Lady and Grandmother of Christ Our Lord, has proven herself a heavenly helper for every need. Although we know next to nothing of her historically, the traditions record that she was a pious and holy woman. Like St. Elizabeth, she was sterile until her older years, when God finally heard the fervent prayer of St. Anne and her husband St. Joachim, the Grandparents of God, to grant them a child—indeed, the most extraordinary in history, after Christ: for to St. Anne was granted the immeasurable grace of conceiving in her womb immaculately the holy Mother of God, destined to be a spotless Bride of the Lord.

    In Good St. Anne, find the tale of this holy matriarch, and learn how to call upon her intercession. Among her titles, she is especially invoked as:

    • Patroness of Mothers,
    • Comfort of the Sorrowing,
    • Mother of the Poor,
    • Health of the Sick,
    • Patroness of the Childless,
    • Help of the Pregnant,
    • Model of Married Women and Mothers,
    • Protectress of Widows, and
    • Patroness of Laborers.

    The Mother of the Mother of God, the holy St. Anne, prays for us in our every need if we only ask her. She is of course especially close to Our Lady, and she provides for us a means of securing the heavenly patronage of Our Sweet Mother Mary, who is the surest means of knowing Our Lord Jesus Christ. St. Anne, privileged to bear the Mother of God, and to become in Christ a daughter of the one you bore, pray for us to Our Lady and to God!

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