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Purgatorian Manual (hardcover, leather bound)

The Purgatorian Manual is a devotional aid in praying for the Holy Souls.  For every day of the month it has a short meditation on some aspect of Purgatory, a related prayer for the Holy Souls, a special intercession for the Holy Souls, and a practice for the day.  It was originally published in 1946 by the Redemptorist Fathers.

This beautiful little shirt pocket sized prayerbook is only 3″ x 5″ and less than 1/2 inch thick, yet it contains almost 300 pages of wonderful prayers. This book contains every prayer, meditation, novena, and Mass for the Holy souls that you could imagine. It is a treasure for those who love the Holy Souls and wish to pray TO and FOR our dearly departed. It was the official Manual of the Purgatorian Society promoted under the auspices of the Redemptorists. This edition was published during the second world war in 1941 and was extremely popular among Catholic Americans during the war years.

Book Specs:

-original copyright 1946 with imprimatur
-285 pages

Information The Manual Contains:

  • spiritual reading, prayers, and practices
    for every day of November
  • devotions for Mass, Holy Communion and Stations of the Cross
  • prayers, litanies, and novenas

Readers comments:

An excellent booklet/manual on Purgatory.  St. Alphonsus Liguori you wouldn’t expect anything else but brilliance. The manual gives all the advise on indulgences, the importance of prayer for those who have died (relatives/friends/strangers) but it instructs and guides the reader for a whole month. Each day has nice reflection without going over the top with an intention. I would recommend to anyone, but particularly Catholics who do not know about this, other Christians and a person who is genuinely interested. ~ Mr. Devlin

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