King Arthur’s Knights by Henry Gilbert

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    The legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have been told time and time again since their original appearance in the Morte D’Arthur of Thomas Malory and the Mabinogian of medieval Welsh mythology. Among those many accounts, Henry Gilbert’s lively rendition endures as one of the best for introducing the King and his Knights. Conveying the spirit of the chivalrous age across thirteen episodes, Gilbert includes the Sword in the Stone; the fall of “the Stroke Dolorous”; the trials of Sir Lancelot, such as the saving of Queen Gwenevere and the struggle with Sir Gawaine; the pursuit of the Holy Grail; and the rebellion of Mordred and the final war of the Round Table. These deeds of daring and valor are more than tales of adventure; they purvey the noble ideals of these legendary figures: “to protect the distressed, to speak the truth, to keep his word to all, to be courteous and gentle to women, to defend right against might, and to do or say nothing that should sully the fair name of Christian knighthood.”

    A marvelous and magical chronicle of “those bright days when the world was young,” Henry Gilbert’s King Arthur’s Knights is certain to captivate generation after generation of readers both young and old.

    Henry Gilbert (1868–1937) was a popular author of children’s literature, including King Arthur’s Knights and The Book of Pirates, as well as his enduring telling of the tale of Robin Hood.

    Paperback: 298pp.

    ISBN: 978-1685950026

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