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St. Michael – Above The 38th Parallel Comic Book

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St. Michael – Above The 38th Parallel Comic Book

    St. Michael – Above The 38th Parallel Comic Book

    Illustrated by – Shanti Guy

    Saint Michael: Above the 38th Parallel is a full color 32 page Comic Book that tells the story of a Marine in the Korean War who finds himself behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, his only hope is a miraculous apparition of Saint Michael the Archangel.

    This comic is based on a letter written in 1950 by a young Marine to his mother while he was in a hospital recovering from the injuries he recently suffered. In it, he describes the fantastic events that befell him while on patrol. Navy chaplain Father Walter Muldy personally knew the Marine, the Marine’s mother and the sergeant in charge of the patrol at the time of the apparition. One year later, Father Muldy read the same letter to 5,000 Marines at the Naval Base in San Diego and assured anyone who asked that it all really happened.

    Want to know more about the story? Listen to an original broadcast that gives more details and dramatizes the Marine’s original letter.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: The Marine and St Michael (Original Broadcast)


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