The Miracle by Laurie Cockerell

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    The Miracle

    by Laurie Cockerell

    Book Description: A full-color children’s book filled with delightful photographs, “The Miracle” tells the sweet story of a young girl who finds a little blue speckled egg in the roots of an old oak tree. A conversation with her mother helps the girl learn about the value and sanctity of life, even before the baby is born. Specially written for children ages 5-10 years. (paperback)

    “The Miracle” teaches children the value and sanctity of life in this wonderful story.

    As with all of our books sold in the Founders Tradin’ Post, this book is signed by Laurie Cockerell.

    Book Excerpts:

    “See the mother bird? She knows something is missing.  Even a mother bird knows that her job is to protect and care for her baby.  She takes her job very seriously.  Before she lays her eggs, she carefully prepares a nest.  She chooses the safest spot she can find, protected up high from the wind and other animals.  She builds a nest that is cushy and soft – the perfect spot for delicate little eggs.” ……

    “But when I was that tiny, how could you love me?  Wasn’t I just like a little bubble?  I didn’t look like a baby when I was that small, did I?”


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    Laurie Cockerell


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