The Liber Christo Method: A Field Manual for Spiritual Combat

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The Liber Christo Method: A Field Manual for Spiritual Combat

    We fight an ancient enemy, and the ancient weapons are best.

    Since the creation of man, the devil has sought the ruin of souls. Liber Christo is a tactical field manual for those interested in not only learning more about spiritual combat, but also engaging and winning the spiritual battles of this present day.

    As a professor of theology, a former U.S. Army attack helicopter pilot, combat veteran, and a member of Fr. Chad Ripperger’s exorcism team, Dr. Dan Schneider offers practical spiritual steps to conquer the ancient enemy and obtain lasting spiritual freedom. Here you will learn spiritual “guerrilla warfare” tactics based on real experience in modern spiritual combat.

    Just as David used five smooth stones to defeat Goliath, this manual places “five smooth stones” into your ammo pouch: (1) Renunciation of Evil Influences; (2) Repentance, Metanoia, and Forgiveness; (3) Examination of Conscience and Confession; (4) Learning Power and Authority; and (5) Prayer, Weapons, and Tactics.

    Whether you are engaged in close combat with the devil or find yourself in need of more “firepower” in your spiritual life, take heart and put into practice the lessons contained in this manual. More than theory or quotes from saints or the Catechism, this manual equips you with the weapons necessary to defeat the ancient enemy.

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    1. Fred Church


      “This field guide is just that, a manual to be carried and used to fight an ancient enemy with the ancient weapons of the Church. Dr. Dan Schneider writes with a military mindset drawing on his experience as an Army helicopter pilot and officer in Desert Storm. It is fitting that an Army soldier, now Catholic theologian, has teamed up with Fr. Chad Ripperger to provide an authentically Catholic program of liberation for the common man. They have given us a MOAB, Mother of All Books. This manual is a weapon of mass instruction, and it will truly equip the laity to go on the offensive as the Church Militant.” – Jesse Romero

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