My Story of America by Michael T George – paperback

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    My Story of America

    by Michael T George

    Book Description: (paperback version)

    Follow the gripping stories of eight individuals as they experience the trials of faith and freedom; the battles of life and liberty; and the pursuit for peace and prosperity. This book chronicles their stories of perseverance through extraordinary circumstances. Check out some excerpts below…

    Standing in front of my truck, an unfamiliar sound traveled through the air. The sixth sense I had developed from war immediately took over as my instincts dropped me to the ground. Debris flew past my body as the roof on the building behind was ripped asunder. I felt the wind of a disabled airplane as its propeller narrowly avoided removing my head. Death had repeatedly knocked on my door but I refused to answer. Once again I had cheated him out of his prize. My name is Errol. This is My Story of America.

    Two uniformed officers were standing at the end of the street in front of us. Frightened we turned to go the other way and encountered two more making hast toward us. Grabbing our two small children we ran toward the small dilapidated building. My fists throbbed as I pounded on the door pleading, “Please open up I am a citizen!” Our only path to safety now slowly opened as I forced my way inside. The cries from my family filled the air as the men grabbed at their legs. With superhuman-like strength I pulled them into the dwelling and slammed the door. We were now safe inside the Embassy, but for how long? My name is Harald. This is my story of America

    This book as garnered national attention and the stories above as well as the others will captivate your imagination leaving you with an overwhelming love and respect for the land of liberty we know as America. This book is a must read, making it a great gift this holiday season.

    (As with all the book sold in the Founders Tradin’ Post, it is signed by the Author Michael T George)

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    Michael T. George


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