The Peace with Dementia Rosary

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    The Peace with Dementia Rosary

    by Matthew Estrade 

    Book Description:

    Inspired by his mother who was the sole care partner for his grandfather with dementia, Matthew Estrade discovered his calling. He began facilitating care partner support groups, writing a blog, educating communities and care teams, producing The Peace with Dementia Podcast, and completing graduate school in Gerontology.

    Today, he offers The Peace with Dementia Rosary: Education, Intentions, Community, along with free daily, weekly, and monthly education on Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms. The book was granted the Imprimatur by Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans on June 6, 2019 (letter available upon request).

    The book is only one piece of this special ministry. Matthew offers virtual/online support groups and coaching to individuals and families who seek advice on their unique situation. In addition, he speaks at parishes and organizations interested in dementia and this challenging journey through a Catholic lens. Contact Matthew HERE for information on these services.

    Be sure to browse all of the education on the site, especially the 23-page PDF preview of The Peace with Dementia Rosary.

    Learn more about Matthew Estrade’s vocation here.


    “I found The Peace with Dementia Rosary to be a wonderful pastoral piece! I was very impressed with your ability to tie together information on OBS-related issues, caregiver insights, and prayer into a rather seamless work. Your commentary was very insightful, compassionate, and supportive. Care partners really do need lots of support. There are many tough motivations going on in such situations (a number of which you accurately identified in the book) and works such as yours can be a real asset to them.”  –  Ralph L. Piedmont, Ph.D., Managing Director, Center for Professional Studies

    About the Author:

    Matthew “Matt” Estrade, MA, MBA is a gerontologist in the Greater New Orleans area, residing in the Mary, Queen of Peace Church Parish in Mandeville, Louisiana, where he is a member of the Health Ministry Team. His grandfather had probable Wernicke-Korsakoff type dementia in the late 1990s. Matthew has dedicated his career to helping families who are experiencing dementia find hope and peace on this challenging journey through education, coaching, and consulting.

    Locally, Matthew facilitates a weekly care partner support group for the Council on Aging in St. Tammany Parish through his training and consulting practice Care Partner Mentoring, LLC.

    He lives in Covington, Louisiana with his wife and three children. Matt volunteers as a Boy Scout leader at Our Lady of the Lake Roman Catholic School, where he is also in the Knights of Columbus. He earned his Eagle Scout award in 1992.

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