Turley’s Terror Fest Collection

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Turley’s Terror Fest Collection

    The entire collection broadcast on Halloween, 2022 from the Classic Radio mind of KV Turley with guest hostess Fiorella Nash! These dramas have been digitally restored to their original broadcast quality and have been converted to stereo files for modern listeners!


    Dracula – This was the very first episode of The Mercury Theater on the Air with Orson Welles playing the roles of both Dr Seward and Count Dracula.

    Ghost Hunt —Airing in 1949, this episode features the “found footage” recording of radio personality Smiley Smith’s night in a haunted house.

    Sorry, Wrong Number — Upon its premiere in 1943 this episode of Suspense became the most popular and successful of the series. Eventually being not just re-aired but re-performed seven times after its original airing.

    House in Cypress Canyon — Another episode of Suspense starring Robert Taylor. A young couple is new to the LA area, and needs a house to rent. They stop by a realtor’s, .ind a place they like, and move in. All seems well, until they .ind a locked closet that has no key…

    Fugue in C-Minor– First aired in 1944 and starring Vincent Price, it is an eerie musical ghost story.

    Flesh Peddler – A suspenseful story about a strange ventriloquist and his even stranger secret, from 1957 and featuring DeForest Kelley.

    The Bells – A young couple, looking for the perfect place to live, believe a guardian angel has guided them to an advertisement for a country cottage with an affordable monthly rent.

    Lights Out – ran for 13 years, from 1934 to 1947, and eventually transitioned into a television show. The show was created by NBC writer Wyllis Cooper, who also created Quiet, Please.

    Quiet, Please! – was created by Wyllis Cooper, also known for creating Lights Out. Ernest Chappell was the show’s announcer and lead actor. Quiet, Please! was .irst broadcast by on June 8, 1947 by the Mutual Broadcasting System, and its last episode ran on June 25, 1949, by ABC. A total of 106 shows were broadcast

    Whence Came You? – An archaeologist is in Egypt when on meeting an old friend he learns that a beautiful and mysterious woman has been asking about him. Ancient remains of an Egyptian city are unearthed, and dark secrets that should have remained buried come to the surface.
    Clarissa – A poor man takes a room with an old man .illed with vitality and his daughter’s ghost.

    The Thing on the Fourble Board – The process of drilling for oil produces the deepest holes in the Earth ever created. What is it down there, deep in the past, at the bottom of the hole? Is it just rock and oil, or is there something else being brought up out of the core of the Earth?

    Behind the Locked Door — This episode of The Mysterious Traveler was the show’s most popular, and was repeated several times. Two archaeologists and a guide, exploring caves near Lake Mead in the Southwestern US, come upon an old wagon train that had been buried under a rock slide a hundred years prior.


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