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    Twin Pikes Coffee Company

    (All bags of Twin Pikes Coffee come in 12 oz bags.)

    1. Cafe St Louis Blend

    About the Blend: This coffee blend is a mainstay at the farmers market.  We blend our Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Papua New Guinea to produce a ton of flavor with great balance.  Cafe St Louis blend has shown itself to be a star in our iced coffee and nitro coffee.  I also regularly feature it in my hot coffee offering with great fanfare. – Ryan

    Cupping Notes: “Nutty, caramel, cocoa”
    Roast: Medium

    2. Borroremo Blend

    About the Blend: This is our newest blend.  A velvety hazelnut chocolate with hints of orange and raspberry.  Makes for a great after meal dessert coffee.

    Cupping Notes: “hazelnut, chocolate, & raspberry”
    Roast: Medium

    3. Colombia Blend (also comes in decaf)

    About the Blend: Colombian Coffees are commonly known to be big, rich, chocolaty coffees with exceptional fragrance and often great acidity.  This Colombian coffee is from the farm of Ricardo Castilla.  His farm is located in the region of Risaralda.

    The farm is part of the ecologically protected area of the National Tatama park, next to the Colombian Pacific region. The region is crossed by many pristine rivers that contribute to the quality of the coffee grown there.

    Ricardo’s farm was recognized in 2014 as the best coffee farm in Risaralda, the prize was awarded by the FNC (National Federation of Coffee Growers)

    Cupping Notes: “Sweet and citric with a clean finish; fruity with dark chocolate and caramel flavors.
    Roast: Medium

    4. Guatemala La Eterna

    About the Blend: This coffee is from Guatemala in the region of Huehuetenango.  This region tends to produce a more complex flavor profile than other regions of Guatemala. There is a clean citrus acidity rounded out with a smooth, full-bodied cup and a sweet toffee flavor.  It makes a great cup of everyday morning brew.

    Cupping notes: sweet, fruity citrus, full-body, toffee
    Roast: Medium Dark

    About Twin Pike Coffee Company : Twin Pike Company was born in 2015, just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. As the founder of Twin Pike Company, I wanted to create a small batch micro-roastery that supplies freshly roasted coffee at fair prices. I started my journey with a 1kg coffee roaster from Mill City Roasters and began my quest to learn the craft of coffee roasting. I would later form a partnership with my friend, Matt Macheca, who helped bring my vision of Twin Pike Company to life.

    Our mission is to provide our friends, neighbors and community with quality coffee, unique beverages, and other hand-crafted products like bean to bar chocolate. Every summer, since 2016, we bring our passion to the Lake St. Louis Farmers Market, where we offer a unique selection of hand-crafted beverages within our local community. My wife, Stephanie, also helps out when she’s not too busy raising our six children.

    When we’re not at the market, you can find our unique selection of beverages and our community spirit at our online store where every order is given the focused care and attention you deserve. Our beans are freshly prepared and shipped within one day of roasting. We also have a knack for creativity, and in addition to our coffee craftsmanship, we now offer a selection of hemp-based powder mixes. In the near future we’ll list our syrups and one-of-a-kind beverages as well.

    Twin Pike Company has also joined forces with the wonderful Joseph and Sarah Hummel, whose bean-to-bar chocolates have added even more sweetness and creativity to our team.

    You see, here at Twin Pike Company, we are as much about discovering unique quality beverages as we are about family. Our shared values of faith, family and tradition have created the foundation of our craft, where quality and customer satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. As our customer, you deserve the best and we believe you will see and taste this difference. Because when we thrive, our community does too.

    VIDEO: Twin Pikes Nitro Coffee – watch the magic!

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    Borromeo, Colombia, Colombia Decaf, Guatemala La Eterna, St Louis

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