Upon These Rocks CONGRESS – Online Video Edition

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    The CONGRESS – The principal aim of the CRUSADER Knight Congress is to bring CRUSADERS together to personally meet, get to know each other and learn basic concepts and action items to help organize and fight for the Christian/Catholic communities we want to live in i.e. “The New Christendom”. There’s no “cancel culture” nonsense welcome here. We call the Cult of Death’s, cult of cancel and raise them a Speedy Gonzales and & Pepe Lépew!

    The Digital Version Includes all TV & Radio broadcasts the CONGRESS will be transmitting (see schedule below)

    WHEN: April 30, May 1st & 2nd!

    WHERE: Covington Firehouse Event Center, 423 N. Theard St., In beautiful, historic downtown St John (Covington), Louisiana!

    Enough of the “conferences” and “restoration” movements, it is time for action; bold, decisive, Christian Action to carve out the unique communities that will make up a New Christendom! This is a C O N G R E S S not a conference. We plan to meet, pray, fellowship, learn, laugh and change the world starting with your home i.e Your Kingdom, Join Us! Presenters Include:

    Mike Church – Kinglandia | FEATURING: Chris Ferrara – The Folly of “Reforming” Electoral Politics | David Simpson – Christland | Brother André Marie – The Building Blocks of The New Christendom | Richard Barrett – St. Josephsberg


    9:45am – Introduction and Welcome – Mike Church “Its Not A Coincidence We’re Meeting on May 1st-St. Joseph The Worker’s Day!”

    11:00am – Lesson 1 with Brother André Marie “Laying The Groundwork – What Are The Building Blocks of The New Christendom?”

    1:15pm – Lesson 2 – The Practical Guide To Using Solar Power – Richard Barrett

    2:45pm  – LESSON 3 – “Why True Money Must Be Restored in The New Christendom and How to Do It.” with David Simpson.

    4:00 pm – KEYNOTE, LESSON 3 – Chris Ferrara “The Folly of ‘Reforming’  Electoral Politics & What Can Replace Them!”


    Noon – Day 2 Introduction by Mike Church “Why Numbers Do Not Concern The New Christendom’s Efforts!”

    Noon:30 – LESSON 5 – Practical Homesteading & Farming with Brian Koch and Dan Munday.

    1:30pm – Lesson 6 – Brother André Marie “The Eighth Plank – Practical Application of The New Christendom Life In The Kingdom.”

    2:30pm – Entertainment – Want to Catholic-Nerd out about Whisky? This is the place.

    3:45pm – FINALE: The New Christendom Congress convenes for roll-call, quorum, then presentation of kingdom’s workshops and presentation of motions.


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