Upon These Rocks CONGRESS, Signed Posters



    NOTE BENE: All “The New Knighting” Posters are signed by the artist, Norman Faucheux!

    Details: The Prints are the same size as the original artwork, 24″ x 18″. The transfer from art to film was done by professional photographer Bobby Gilboy.

    More Info on the “The New Knighting” painting, the basis for this poster: Mike “The KingDude” Church Show Video Highlight-The Creating Of The Artwork That Makes Knights of Men, by artist Norman Faucheux; As Seen On The CRUSADE Channel TV!

    Mike & Norman talk about the creative process that brought the artwork to life, the materials used and how many “Easter eggs” are in the painting!

    Weight N/A

    Canvas on Wood Frame, On Heavy Poster Paper


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