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PRE-SALE : First Line of Defense


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    First Line of Defense 

    by Doug Barry

    Doug Barry has a show on EWTN Mondays at 11pm Eastern Fridays at 3am Eastern where he stresses the importance of men being ready for the battle that is rages on. Will you be ready when the battle comes to your doorstep?

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    Book Description:  A man has as one of his primary duties to be the defender and protector of those people and places that are noble and good, especially his family.

    This book both challenges and encourages men to see the God-given design within themselves to be spiritual and physical warriors. It reveals how men are called to be heroic for the Kingdom of God, and not only in spiritual ways.

    Modern society has done much damage in neutering the godly physical warrior aspect in many men. Even in the Christian community today men are often taught to be a prayer warrior, while ignoring the physical warrior aspect of manhood. This work reawakens men to the crucial need for becoming the complete warrior for Christ.

    This book is for men in every walk of life to learn the key principles it teaches about the qualities of true manhood. Doug Barry shows how every man at his core is called to live a heroic life of duty, courage, strength, sacrifice and dedication to his vocation.

    Sample book chapters include:
    1. The Quality of Courage
    2. Man You Are to Be Great
    3. If You Love Then You Will Fight
    4. You Fight the Way You Train
    5. Your Archenemy Hunts You
    6. You Are the First Line of Defense

    “Right now we are engaged in a battle that is far more fiercely contested than any football game. It is a battle for the hearts, the minds, and the souls of all of us. It is a battle in which there are no spectators, only players. It is a battle that will test all of our stamina, all of our courage, and all of our strength. And unless we are physically ready, mentally ready, and spiritually ready, we may not win this Big One.”
    – Vince Lombardi, Daily Communicant; 5-time NFL Champion; Voted “Greatest Coach of the 20th Century”

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