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What is Your Government Doing to You? by Carl Goodson

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What is Your Government Doing to You? by Carl Goodson

    Letters to the Editor: What is Your Government Doing to You? by Carl Goodson

    (this book is autographed by the author)

    Book Description:

    Our country is facing issues that require everyone to make difficult decisions. The economy, taxation, pending legislation, illegal immigration and energy dependence are problems that require immediate solutions. The country’s leaders are too politically motivated to make decisions based on the good of the country. Most of these politicians place their career aspirations ahead of all else. The recent Town Hall meetings have demonstrated the disgust most Americans feel toward their Representatives. The time has arrived for a dramatic change.
    The attitude of individual freedoms and the individual responsibility that accompanies these freedoms must be re-instilled in our society. This book puts forth, in common every day language, the legislation that is being considered by congress and the common sense responses to today’s issues. Our founding fathers believed in a loose federation of sovereign states with a central government limited in it’s power. We MUST return to those beliefs.

    About the Author:

    Carl Goodson was born in Montgomery, AL and has resided in Texas for 16 years with his wife Tina and son Randall. Mr. Goodson has always been conservative in nature and has recently become alarmed by political decisions being made in Washington D.C..
    Mr. Goodson has been employed in the Oil & Gas Industry for 15 years and the Chemical Transportation Industry for 12 years. These combined 27 years of observations in the industry have convinced Mr. Goodson the country’s energy policies are the cause of our dependence upon foreign oil. He believes he has common sense answers to the country’s energy woes.
    Living in a “Border” state for 16 years has allowed Mr. Goodson to be an eyewitness to the effects illegal aliens are having upon our country. Mr. Goodson favors a closed, heavily patrolled southern border to stem the flow of illegal aliens entering our country.

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