Spiritual Combat And Exorcisms-Retreat Series With Mr. Kyle Clement

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    This must-listen-to Lecture series was delivered by Mr. Kyle Clement at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Chapel in Mandeville, LA from January 8 to January 11, 2023. Professionally recorded then digitally mastered and edited for podcast, this series is an instruction on fighting the battle of Good vs Evil that we are all, already fighting.

    Lecture 1 The Domestic Church Under Attack

    Lecture 2 The Authority Structure

    Lecture 3 The Flow of Grace

    Lecture 4 The Nature & Psychology of Angels and demons

    Lecture 5 Levels of Diabolic Influence

    Lecture 6 Pursuing Spiritual Perfection

    Lecture 7 The Spiritual Combat

    BONUS TRACK Mike Church’s “My Interview with an Exorcist”

    About Mr. Kyle Clement – Mr. Clement instructs the lay faithful with practical information on different aspects of Christian life.  Mr. Clement is an acclaimed speaker for Men of Christ Conference, Pope Leo XIII Institute, Catholics in Apostleship – Faith Mission Operatives, and Liber Christo. Mr. Clement is also the Case Facilitator/Administrator forFr. Chad Ripperger’s Societas Matris Dolorosissamæ.


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