The Fame of Our Fathers Digital Download Version

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The Fame of Our Fathers Digital Download Version

    Praise for the Fame of Our Fathers. “Think you know the story? It seemed the Revolutionaries had won on the battlefield, only to lose in Congress. Yet, as Mike Church shows, George Washington and the Federalists joined with George Mason and the Antifederalists to create a republican US Constitution that respected the rights of the states and the people — and thus won the Revolution for good!  – Kevin R.C. Gutzman – author – “Who Killed the Constitution”

    “At a time when our founding constitutional principles are more necessary than ever, there is a dearth of understanding about what they are and how they got to be our principles — the theories and thinking behind them by the men who forged our nation. Mike Church is filling that educational void. With Fame of Our Fathers, he not only recaptures our history but informs our modern debate. – Andrew C. McCarthy – author – of the national bestseller “Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad.”

    Audio Samples from “Mike Church’s Fame of Our Fathers”

    Forgotten Founding Father Dr. Benjamin Rush urges the Continental Congress to hold votes by individuals and not state delegations in the Articles of Confederation

    What did the Founding Fathers seek in return for their work? They expected lasting fame or “conditores imperiorum” as explained in this passage from Mike Church’s Fame of Our Fathers”

    Description – America is still reeling from the debt brought on by war. Unemployment is on the rise, inflation is soaring and a free trade deal that may benefit millions can’t get pushed through Congress. These events should sound familiar to most Americans but not because they happened last year, these events were lived out in the 1780’s and they helped bring about the convention that produced the Constitution.

    The Fame of Our Fathers tells the true, exciting stories of the events that led to the federal convention of 1787 and the men who put their stamp on history and earned lasting fame. Many Americans are inspired by the Founders but we never bother to ask: who inspired the Founders.

    The Fame of Our Fathers answers that question and many more.
    •   Was the Constitution the result of a miracle or a well executed plan?
    •   Were the men we admire as Founders the ultimate, selfless public servants or did they have other motives for their deeds?
    •   James Madison gets credited as the “Father of The Constitution” but is George Washington more deserving of the title?
    •   Why did many patriots like Patrick Henry oppose writing a new Constitution and instead favored amending the Articles of Confederation?

    You’ll hear the founders debate and live these events and more with sound design so real you’ll feel like you were there. The Fame of Our Fathers features a moving, original musical score by Jimm Mosher & Alan Grossman (the Road to Independence). “Fame” is passionately narrated by Nationally Syndicated talk-show-host Mike Church and features an ensemble cast of veteran voice talent with Special Guest Star Jay Thomas (Cheers, and Mr. Holland’s Opus) as Ben Franklin.

    The Amazing Digital Download includes:
    •   “The Fame of Our Fathers” documentary, uncut, unedited
    •   All the CD set’s Bonus material including interviews with Mike Church, making of featurettes and the “Fame of our Fathers” Theme song presented in full-length stereo
    •   Eight page booklet in printable, PDF format with full credits, Fame of Our Fathers Timeline (see picture above), Trivia and more.



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